FloFunder - the new approach to cash flow finance

Research indicates that one of the most pressing challenges for Britain’s 5.2m SMEs is cash-flow optimisation. One of the more common cause of business failure is because the cash-flow cannot keep up with the company's financial needs. Most small businesses will never get the chance of funding because without a long term track record they cannot generate the required amount of information about their credit worthiness; and banks are currently not lending to start-ups and small to medium sized companies with no credit history. The FloFunder service provided by PeerPay, allows Accountancy Practices to match clients who need short term cash flow funding with those who have surplus cash that could work harder for them.

Cash Flow Funding

Companies and individuals to providing funding to vetted, established SME businesses within the closed and safe environment of the Accountancy practice or wider community

For Businesses seeking funding

Accountancy Practices

The service will be managed by Accountancy Practices as a value-added service for their own client-base, allowing them to provide professional advice and support to both funders and sellers

For Accountancy Practices


Funders and Businesses seeking funding, are matched within a secure closed environment, managed by their common Accountancy Practice(s), all parties are vetted following strict KYC and AML due diligence rules.

For Funders